Jan. 21st, 2014

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The GP told me that Fluoxetine won't start really kicking in until two to three weeks of taking it and to be patient and not expect a miracle cure etc. etc. Having said that, I can definitely tell I'm on something. I put yesterday down to being drained by my appointment and my drowsiness and headache were explained by being pretty much exhausted. But I took my second dose at 15:00 today and I have since developed a mild headache (right at the top of my head, very odd), slightly burning eyes and an all-over body cold sweat.

It feels like coming down with a mild case of the 'flu, complete with nap requirement. Not a vague desire for a nap, but a "we need to go lie down now" demand. So I went to bed and had what feels like the best nap in months. And then I came downstairs and cleaned the kitchen work surfaces, because, well, I could.

My mood is...odd. I won't say I'm good or okay or doing better because I'm not. I just feel less bad and lost than yesterday. But feeling less bad is such a relief it's like feeling better. Also it feels like my head's already a bit quieter, allowing me to concentrate on other things like cleaning the kitchen (and weirdly enjoying the tactile sensation of cleaning) and finally clearing that damned hallway and such.

Cut for talk about drinking problems )

Onwards and ever so slightly upwards.


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