Feb. 4th, 2014

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Two weeks on fluoxetine and I've been doing really well. It's quieter in my head, I have fewer bad moments (but still too many), I feel more like myself and I think I talk and act more like myself as well. I suppose the real test will be when I become hormonal as that's consistently my lowest point of the month. If the meds can't level me out to functional there, I'll know to let the GP know and talk about potentially increasing the dose.

Some annoying side-effects have cropped up such as drowsiness, yawning and tremors, but I'm handling those (the tremors are mostly limited to my left hand now). The most annoying side-effect is actually suppression of appetite. I just don't feel the need to eat right up to the point where I should have had food an hour ago, by which point I'm dizzy, nauseated and starving, and yes, that is just as wretched as it sounds. I'm getting better at recognising the first twinges of being nauseous as "I should have some food", but I still occasionally miss completely.

I had a nice weekend: watched Lilo and Stitch with Arwen, made stew and had a nice call with my mum (who was very supportive about the whole thing) and I've been otherwise feeling very productive. Still not quite ready to throw myself back into finishing up the house, but I have plans for next week.

So yeah, going well.


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