Feb. 23rd, 2014

An update

Feb. 23rd, 2014 11:48 am
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Still going. I'm currently on the waiting list for Let's Talk so I can start 1 on 1 CBT (social anxiety pretty much kills any option of me doing group stuff right now) and I know the walk-in hours for Turning Point, so if I need help/advice about alcohol I can go there too. I had an appointment with my GP and we're pleased with my progress (apparently I'm a textbook case of fluoxetine response, so yay). I'll see him again in two months and if I can say at that point that I'm better or good, I'll stay on the meds for another four months before coming off them.

Two months is a long time. It'll be full-on spring by then and I'll be gardening (and hopefully gainfully employed). For now I'll just take things a few days at a time.

So yes, the okay days are definitely outnumbering the bad days, which are getting less severe. I can also recognise them when I get up and unfortunately today looks like one. Getting out of bed was a chore, I'm mope-y in a non-directed way and I have limited mental spoons. Still, I can form coherent thoughts and type words on an empty screen, so this is progress as well.


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