Apr. 10th, 2014

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Mum went home again :( . But it was great to have her here for a few days. We did a lot of work in the garden together and while I was researching shed options, she did even more on her own. This means that the entire garden is now cleared. Well, except for that one bit under the small plum tree. She left that for me to remove. I'm thinking of setting fire to it, to symbolise my mastery over nature.*

It does mean I now have more space than I know what to do with and I've started casting covetous eyes on the native ground covers that are available online. Did you know that heather really likes acidic and poor soil? I do! I have a bed that'll be perfect for all things heather.

And that weird woggly corner by the hedge would be perfect for a sunny rock pile garden (well, a poor woman's approximation of one)

And there are two wooden posts next to the fence where I could install a trellis and then plant an Old Man's Beard (only clematis native to the UK).

Ohoh, the bit next to the lilac's new spot** could be turned into a small-ish wildflower area because I've got plenty of homegrown compost (and three compost heaps). And the lily-of-the-valley can go under the trees behind the juniper.

And I wonder if foxgloves would be happy in hanging planters (because I've got that lovely fence on the right side now...)


Which house renovations? Oh. Yeah. Those. Well, Project Shit Wot Needs Sorting is mostly finished. Project Stuff Wot Needs Storing was well underway but stalled out because of lack of shedness, so I spent most of this week researching sheds, shed timbers (because we might lose our minds and decide to build one) and such.

* Or my delusions of competency. Either one'll do.
** It's doing really well. All the plants Barbara gave me are flourishing, the lungwort especially.


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