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Yesterday was an okay day. I had cope. I had spoons. I didn't lose my shit when the car decided not to start when I needed to leave for my blood work (yay liver function test). Instead I walked back into the house, called the GP and rescheduled for Thursday. I also booked a follow-up appointment with my GP in three weeks to see how I'm doing on the meds. And because I was on a roll, I made an appointment with the physiotherapy department as well. So I totally got two gold stars for yesterday: Did Not Burst Out Crying and Made Stressful Phonecalls.

Of course, that exhausted my spoons and I didn't do much more than play games and send an email to an agency about two jobs.

But today was good. I woke up around 7, but stayed in bed until 8 which I should stop doing as my back and hip are starting to complain. I had my breakfast and then job-searched a bit before putting the car battery back into the car. Car still didn't want to start immediately, but that was me being a berk and not tightening one connection properly so it slipped off when I shut the bonnet. Went back inside, job-searched some more and then went out to lunch with my lovely girls. Had a good few hours of talking and laughing and tea and seriousness before coming home and cleaning the kitchen (as you do).

I've also moved onto the second stage of cutting down my alcohol intake: I can now have only one small beer (1.5-1.7 units) an evening this week. From Saturday, I want to start alternating days for a week or so. After that, I want to be at the point where I can just stop altogether and stay off it for at least the duration and possibly for longer. In all honestly, it might be safer for me to just treat alcohol as a potentially dangerous animal I shouldn't ever approach unguarded again.

I wonder if I should be more pleased with or proud of how I'm doing, but I realise I've only just started and there will be more bad days in the next 6 months*. But today was A Good Day.

*Also more good days, please. I like those. I felt like myself today. I liked myself today.
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