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Following my last rant on the DWP (also know as self-respect, we has it), Alex and I talked things over and after I made a detailed plan of stuff left to do, we agreed I'm going back to doing up the house. There are lists and plans and I'm now running around Sorting All The Shit Wot Needs Sorting and it's intensely satisfying.

As said elsenet day before yesterday: Update on Project Shit Wot Needs Sorting: After successful completion of Stage 1 (Sort Shit In Several Boxes) and Stage 2 (Contemplate Required Locations of Sorted Shit In Boxes), I reached Stage 3 (Store Finished Sorted Shit in Locations). This meant upstairs looked like a particularly interesting obstacle course, the spare bedroom carpet got hoovered to within an inch of its life and both cats spent most of the day hyperventilating in/under/on various boxes/chairs/beds.

Yesterday I spent some time sorting out the attic to prepare for Stuff Wot Needs Storing (after completion of Shit Wot Needs Sorting) and today I mostly spent sorting stuff for garbage, recycling etc.

In other happy and productive news: the good and okay days are starting to outnumber the bad days (current week's count is up to three), and I can start to see a time where the good days will outnumber both okay and bad days.


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